wynwood murals

Newly completed mural with my team The Color Dreamers in Wynwood

Just completed a public art mural that was commissioned by the City of Olympia in Washington state with my mural team The Color Dreamers. Though we have completed many murals in the Wynwood Miami, this is our first public art collaboration out of state by a city government.

PBIA commissioned the project and we were very happy to light up the town with color throughout the week long process. 

Below is our time lapse video of the entire mural process. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes on our creative process and mixing paint. The image depicted included sate bird The Golden finch being released into nature by the hands of a young child.

Mount Gay Rum United in Craft commercial spotlighting my art coming soon!

The last few weeks have been great! Not only have I moved my studio but I have been creating a new mural and shooting a commercial with Mount Gay Rum. Mount Gay Rum reached out to my partner and I for a national rum marketing campaign that focuses on my artwork and our murals for their #unitedincraft series. Their NYC and LA team came down to meet with us and their production team Stadium for a  2 day shoot. They treated us to a great storied supper at The Raleigh Hotel where they showed us how they perfect the craft of making their rum.


Im very excited to see the final edit which will be released in 3 weeks. Here's some behind the scenes pictures of the production team filming and the mural located in Wynwood which I created with Amir Shakir for our team Color Dreamers . I will be posting the link to video once it airs.