"Nicaraguan artist Ivette Cabrera’s delicate drawings, of women: real and imagined elaborate headdresses. The black, white and red crowns transcend fashion trends and sovereign traditions, resembling weightless, geometric diagrams ― part botanical, part architectural ― that allude to the endless, blossoming potential of its wearers. They are material and immaterial, regal and boundless."  Huffington Post


Wynwood Miami artist Ivette Cabrera, originally from Nicaragua produces fine art drawings and art prints on paper. She migrated the the United States at the age of 3 with her siblings and a single mother escaping the Sandinista Revolution. "My works represent women of various cultures who wear headdresses as a symbol of power and importance. Influenced by the lines and forms in architecture the headdresses are hand drawn in an abstract way using a mix of free-styled forms and rulers as well as a magnifying glass for extreme detail. I like to shine light on roles of women within various societies worldwide. In past cultures, a crown gave worth to an individual, it indicated their wealth and defined their influence within that society regardless of their gender or race. I want women to question their own identity within their current society. Every woman wears a crown if she were only to be aware of herself and her own powerful beauty." 

Wynwood Fine Artist studied Interior Architecture and Design.

Cabrera studied Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University and Marketing at Columbia College in Chicago. She started an art collective and artist residency in Wynwood Miami in 2012 called Viophilia as a artistic sanctuary for artists to work intensively on their craft. She has curated numerous art shows as well as worked on various projects from site renderings, interior renovations, public art murals and lastly designed & constructed a home in Nicaragua. Her work has been part of numerous exhibitions, displayed at the Baker Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Villa Paula Museum and is part of numerous private collections. Her work has been publicized in Huffington Post, Woven Tale Press, Kram Magazine and Forbes Women.

More information and biography available upon request. Articles on Cabrera's work can be found HERE.