“Nicaraguan artist Ivette Cabrera’s delicate drawings, of women: real and imagined elaborate headdresses. The black, white and red crowns transcend fashion trends and sovereign traditions, resembling weightless, geometric diagrams ― part botanical, part architectural ― that allude to the endless, blossoming potential of its wearers. They are material and immaterial, regal and boundless.”
—  Huffington Post
“Her art merges transformational imagery found in nature with traditional forms of royal adornment.
— HipLatina
Her work is inspired by powerful women who have changed the course of history. She works in attempt to highlight and breakdown the barriers the society has presented upon women.
— Upscale Living Magazine
“Ivette possesses this exceptional creative force that manifests in regal portraits of women, which give a collective voice and face to our forgotten foremothers. All their strength, pain, power, and femininity are intricately drawn into her headdresses, and it’s a magical process to witness.”
— Curbed
Ivette Cabrera wants women, especially those with histories of oppression and marginalization, to view themselves as royalty. The Nicaraguan architect-turned-artist is famous for placing crowns on the female subjects of her pieces, whether they be queens, goddesses, rebel fighters or the everyday barrier-breaking badass.
— Latina.com
WYNWOOD, FL: Ivette Cabrera is a Nicaraguan born artist whose work is inspired by powerful women who have changed the course of history. She works in attempt to highlight and breakdown the barriers the society has presented upon women. Many of the subjects in her art include women wearing headdresses. Cabrera states on the subject: “I want women to question their own identity so the headdress art is abstract, showing that every woman wears a crown.”

Cabrera’s uses her background in studying architecture to channel her creativity into art. She has also opted for public art along with her drawings. The artist has stated that she has been inspired by architect Zaha Hadid, along with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright and many admirers of her work have testified to the voice the influence brings to her art
— A Book of US


Self-taught Wynwood Miami artist Ivette Cabrera, was born in Nicaragua in 1983. She migrated to the United States at the age of three with her siblings and a single mother escaping the aftermath of war that preceded the Sandinista Revolution. Although Cabrera was not classically trained in art she has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to mastering her art form. Her artwork has been in museum exhibitions and part of numerous private and public art collections. Cabrera produces fine art drawings, paintings, public art murals, sculptures and installations. She is best known for her headdress portraits of women.

"My works represent women of various cultures who wear headdresses as a symbol of power and importance. Influenced by the lines and forms in architecture the headdresses are hand drawn in an abstract way using a mix of free-styled forms and rulers as well as a magnifying glass for extreme detail. My main focus is to empower our underrepresented cultures. I believe that art is the strongest form of delivering a message in meaningful way because it is an experience, a visual product where you can use all your senses to explore its qualities but always find new meaning."

Ivette Cabrera studied Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University and Marketing Communications at Columbia College. She is best known for her series of portraits of women wearing crowns. Cabrera's artwork has been part of numerous gallery exhibitions in Wynwood and museums such as the Baker Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Villa Paula Museum and Spectrum Art Fair. Cabrera's artworks have been published in Huffington Post, Miami New Times. Woven Tale Press, Kram Magazine, Starry Nights Artists to Look Out For Catalog, KDWA Radio and featured in numerous commercials nationwide for brands such as John Frieda and Mount Gay Rum

In 2012, she pioneered an artist residency in Wynwood Miami named Viophilia as a artistic sanctuary for artists to work intensively on their craft. Over the last 10 years she has curated over 19 art exhibitions for other artists, worked as lead architect on a residential home in Nicaragua, created city park site renderings for master plans, worked on interior design renovations and her work has been commissioned by city governments through her public art and murals

Wynwood Fine Artist studied Interior Architecture and Design.

"My work is always evolving because that is what our species is meant to do. We adapt to our new environments, we learn the knowledge and the language to communicate messages, we become part of the fabric of society and we work to innovate and create beauty. For me its important to shine light on roles of women within various societies worldwide. In past cultures, a crown gave worth to an individual, it indicated their wealth and defined their status within that society regardless of their gender or race. I want women to question their own identity within their current society. Every woman wears a crown if she were only to be aware of herself and her own powerful beauty." 

More information on Cabrera's current projects and biography is available upon request. Links to articles on Cabrera's work can be found HERE.