Art studio visits in Wynwood is interesting, you walk through a door into an artists private creative process, you see the little details that make up their work, you see the madness, the thought process, the inspirational elements that make up the soul and the vulnerability. My studio is made up of a collection of dust and relics from my past, books sit on wine box shelves and a small array of antiques I've collected through my travels. At any moment your eye may catch an antique primitive manual hand drill or a cheap thrift store art-piece that inspired me. 

Photos by: Ella Arie

My workspace often remains cluttered with various pen sizes, markers,, rulers, triangles and micron-pens. Often sitting on my shelf you may find a book on Aztec culture, Ernst Haeckel, slam poetry or modern architecture. A collection of various sized magnifying glasses in array of materials ranging from wood to metal to bronze. Empty Bottles of Malbec wine usually line the edge of the wall next to a mustard yellow vintage sofa which has often been the witness to sleepless nights at my desk and long mornings. the scent of indian incense regularly fill the air and dried flowers left in an empty wine bottles line my work shelf.

I find that my studio brings a bit of frustration at times, my unfinished art pieces stare me in the face, mocking me to finish them and it becomes a struggle and balance between production and perfection.

photo by Ella Arie