Wynwood Artist Ivette Cabrera and Watercolor Art

Creating a experiments in watercolor in my Wynwood art studio.

I’ve decided to begin to experimenting with watercolor and white pastel a bit just to get the experience of working with different mediums and teach myself some lessons in the way water can harm or create an art piece. I also wanted to begin to learn how to draw my own hands. The experience is great and I think that more studies in these mediums can definitely take me to a new understanding of art.

The way the fluid moves about the paper, the drips and white empty space is really what the makes up a composition in a watercolor piece. Negative space seems to be much more important as the less watercolor you apply in the proper spaces the more the area reflects light. I found that a layering process is at the core of the technique and while blending and mixing on paper are not really an option the mixing colors must be carefully done with only clean and pure water to obtain an ultimate hue.

The image always takes a while to develop and I must admit that sometimes I loose faith thinking I’ve ruined the artwork completely but patience does play a role in this watercolor process and as the watercolor paint dries the image slowly begins to reveal itself proving once more that the mind can play foolish games if one looses self-confidence. I now understand why Picasso had a blue period, not only does blue reflect the solemn and sad nights but it is a dark color that can only be expressed in shadows which by definition lacks light.



Above: Blue Lullaby. Portrait of my muse and love Amir Shakir.

Above: Wild One